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To help newer members of our club understand Roy's terms and sayings, we offer these definitions:

If you ask Roy "how much farther" to the end of a hike, his standard answer is, "One more mile." This could mean anything from 4 miles to 0.4 miles.

"Almost done" means we are a little closer to the end than to the beginning.

"This is the last hill" means there are no more hills between this one and the next one.

"This is a short cut" means we are going off trail and this may or may not be a shorter way to the finish.

"A well used trail" means a deer passed this way more than once.

"A little known trail" means a rabbit probably passed this way in the last year or so.

"The trail may be a little wet" means wear your hip boots.

"This trail is a little icy in spots" means you are in big trouble if you didn't bring ice skates.

"Leisure hike" means absolutely nothing. It's business as usual, but may or may not be a little shorter.

"We are not lost" means we know we are in the woods somewhere we are just not sure where.

"Let's explore" means we have no idea where we are going.